“To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It’s a way of life.” ~Henri Cartier-Bresson

About me:
My name is Alicia Dianne and I am a visual artist. My images are inspired by the beauty of woman, dreams, the abstract, the surreal, nature, psychology, social confines and textural landscapes. I want to tell the ongoing stories of the human condition in all forms of our complexity and emotions. There is beauty beyond the mere surface. Each photo speaks for itself has it’s own unique message. I love the vibrancy of street art and pushing the boundaries of what is socially conditioned.

I studied painting at the New York Studio School, NYC and 3 years later my travels on the Primate Freedom Tour led me to the west coast where I lived for many years.  I spent allot of time working with underground artist networks creating music, video and setting up performance spaces. I developed a love for photography in 2006 after studying journalism,  and felt telling stories through the camera was my form of social activism. I photographed street scenes in San Francisco and worked on documentaries before my current focus of fine art.

Painting has a timelessness about it that reminds me to slow down and enjoy life. As we are heading more into an era of fast paced technology, the old techniques of applying paint to a canvas still stays alive.

If you like my work, I offer fine art portrait sessions where you can choose the color, style and theme. I currently live in Ithaca, NY and also travel often.

All the best!



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